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محمد راسخی پور مدرس گیتار الگتریک


Mohammad Rasekhi Pour 

My Philosophy of teaching music is progression of community culture . . .

I think an Expert Teacher is the best option to achieve the goal.

Topics that I teach in  class: 

- Structure of Instrument, Action Adjustment and help  for buying Instruments (type of Pickups, Bridge, Body, String, MultiEffects, Stamp box, Amplifier and their Settings)

- Playing Pieces for learning Time Values and Techniques

- Essential Exercises for obviation hands disability 

- Playing Scales and Arpeggios and Linking them to improvise and compose Riff


- Learning Chords (Interval, Chord Progression, Rhythm playing, Writing Licks)

- Teaching Music Theory and Harmony at the level required of a Guitar Player

-  Modes and cell (Improvisation and Harmony)

- Fractional the Lyric and Writing Melody on

- Record Guitar using DAW software, mixing and mastering and Plugin Software it required

- What about the Equipment for recording Music in Home Studio

- Finally, Analyze Music and Design Music Projects to learn

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